Trance Medium Program


Now that you’ve explored being in the body, explore your out-of-body space and learn what’s happening there that affects you in the body. You will run white, learn to manage beings, do remote healings, expand your spiritual universe and more! Deepen into the unconscious realms of what affects you, and have more of your space and seniority.

Prerequisite: Graduate of a Clairvoyant Training Program to join TM Year 1.  To begin any other year you need to have taken the previous years’ of the Trance Medium Program.  You may repeat any year for half price. If sessions are currently underway, but you are interested in joining now please contact us.

COST: $200/mo  The entire year is paid in advance, or monthly with auto pay. Pay first month now to reserve your space in the program*:

*If you choose to just pay the first months payment now (rather than the full payment), once you begin the class you will be asked to enroll in monthly auto-pay from a credit card or pre-dated checks , for the remainder of the program.

Registration Info!
OFFERED: In year-long sessions, take up to 4 years! Opportunities to join yearly. Your class will meet one Thursday per month, from 6-9 pm; and you will also attend a healing clinic on the second Thursday of every month from 6:30-9pm.

Current sessions:

  • Year 1 In Session, held the Third Thursday of every month. Taught by Cheryl Barnes.
  • Year 2 Begins May17th, held the Third Thursday of every month, 6-9pm. Taught by Cheryl Barnes.
  • Year 3 Begins February 1, held the First Thursday of every moth6:30-9pm. Taught by Hope Hewetson.
  • “Ectoplasm and Beyond” begins March 22,  held the Fourth Thursday of every month, 6-9pm.  In person or on the phone. Taught by Paul Miller.

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