Psychic Horizons Center offers a safe haven for sensitive souls to develop their own psychic abilities so that they may find the truth and the answers they seek this lifetime.

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Listen to Your Intuition

A new year  is a wonderful time to devote your energies to a favorite project or a dream you are ready to make come true. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly or even trying to create the whole project at once. Start with a small step that takes you  in the right direction. What makes […]

Three Easy Ways to Heal Yourself

With the all the ups and downs we are experiencing and witnessing in the world (and with no end in sight), what are some simple ways to maintain alignment with your true vibration so that your thoughts, feelings and actions magnetize your vision of a healed world to you? When you are in alignment with your truth, you […]

Healing Tips

Healing Tip: Setting Space for a Stressful Situation

Sometimes we find ourselves on the eve of a challenging or uncomfortable situation. It could be a dentist appointment, a meeting with an ex, a job interview….a situation where we would like to feel more comfortable or certain. We would like to be able to respond from our truth, and be in less fear or […]

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