Meet Our Staff

Psychic hope

Hope Hewetson

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Hope is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center, which she co-founded in 1994. She loves helping people to discover their truth within so they walk in the awareness that they are a limitless spirit having a physical experience. The healing tools she teaches in her classes and workshops allow individuals to release invalidation, doubts, pain and fear, and be renewed with a sense of connection to one’s spiritual and creative expression and sacred divinity. Hope is also an artist and writer and she loves hiking with her dog, Angus.

Mary Bell

Mary Bell Nyman

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Co-director and co-founder of Psychic Horizons Center, Mary Bell has been teaching & reading for 36 years. She teaches advanced classes in One-to-One and TM, and a weekly teleclass open to all. She helped create healing centers in Vermont and Atlanta, and travels in the US teaching people how to use their spiritual abilities. Mary directed several schools for psychic children as well as working with handicapped children for 17 years. She is a spiritual midwife, and teaches others how to hold space at births. She also worked in Hospice helping families and patients deal with death for 10 years. Contact Mary directly at 303-554-6465. Also, visit her CBD Hemp oil page!

Psychic Cheryl

Cheryl Barnes

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Cheryl teaches the Women’s and Clairvoyant classes. She has been giving readings for 12 years. She is also one of the brilliant people that keeps the office running. She loves using the tools to create miracles and have more fun in everyday life. She has engineering degrees and has previously worked as an engineer for over 30 years. Contact Cheryl, at 303-579-8056 or through the office via the email button, for a reading or an energy check.


Brijanna Carbone

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Brijanna has been a practicing psychic and teacher since 1998. Along with being a craniosacral practitioner and spiritual healer, Brijanna’s focus is on all things animal/nature, creativity, and absurdity. Brijanna teaches Animal Communication along with various healing classes and workshops.


Lynn Swearingen

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Lynn teaches How To Read, Peeling the Onion (graduate classes), the Weekend Clairvoyant Program  and various workshops.  She is also our class archive goddess. She is a Massage Therapist, Energy Healer and reader.

JoLee Psychic Instructor

JoLee Wingerson

Animal Communication Teacher, Office Goddess
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JoLee’s strong intuitive connection with animals began when she was a child. Since 2002, she has been an animal communicator in Boulder, “truly a dream job.” She teaches the Animal Communication class along with workshops on other intuitive topics.  She enjoys helping people wake-up to their own inner truth as a soul so they can bring more of their conscious awareness into the world. JoLee also loves milking goats, gardening, watercolor painting and spending time outdoors. She has a master’s degree in journalism and brings a playfulness to the office!

Psychic deb

Deborah Keys

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Deborah teaches the How to Heal Yourself  class and conducts House and Business healings for the center. She is a Feng Shui practioner, former business owner and mom. She loves to travel and spent six years in Nepal before returning to her native home in Colorado. Currently she has returned to school in pursuit of an accounting degree. She is a breast cancer survivor who whole-heartedly has implemented energy tools as part of her own healing process. Laughter and making mistakes is an integral part of the process!


Jen White

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Jen teaches How to Heal Yourself and Peeling the Onion (graduate classes). She also hosts the Healing Clinic on Tuesday evenings.  “Seeing students discover is most gratifying and humbling process I can imagine.  They are absolutely the best – all of them.”


Stacia Synnestvedt

Teacher, Marketing
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Stacia is our marketing maven and the director of our satellite branch in Lafayette, she also teaches the Awakened Woman, Children’s and Spiritual Parenting classes.  Her true passion is the healing of self through connection to spirit, and she has a special interest in empowering kids to stay connected to their innate intuitive abilities with life-long mindfulness tools.  Being a mother herself fuels another passion tied to this in helping parents to enhance relationship with spirit in parenting.

Psychic Brendan

Brendan Klosterman

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Brendan loves meditating, clairvoyant reading, and spiritual healing. He runs the Psychic Horizons student readings on Saturdays and teaches mens’ classes.  He graduated from Naropa University with a degree in contemplative psychology and works part-time in the mental health field. He loves bringing an amused, neutral, and kindergarten attitude to his psychic healing, reading and teaching.