Lafayette Branch: Daytime Clairvoyant Training Program

In this 12 month course, learn simple, yet powerful tools to increase your intuitive awareness and sharpen your psychic abilities. Go within to discover your own answers. In this program you will:

  • Receive validation for your clairvoyance
  • Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a spirit
  • Learn to attract the job, relationship and peace you’ve always wanted
  • Develop the certainty to communicate what you see
  • Participate in a community of like-minded souls
  • Access the Akashic records
  • Heal yourself and others without giving away your energies
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Heal unwanted patterns

Pre-requisite How To Heal Yourself & How To Read. There are options to meet the pre-reqs for the Lafayette branch as a private training if you can’t complete them in Boulder.  Please contact Stacia at 303-437-5377 for more info!
This is a 1-year training, students should take the first 6-weeks of the program in Boulder, either the daytime or evening Wednesday options (seen in section above). Those who attend the whole year will graduate and become a minister. Once you complete the pre-requisites you can join us at the Lafayette center anytime! We will also offer the pre-requisites at that space on occasion!

Offered: Thursday mornings 10am-Noon, $235/month.

If you would like to sign up for the Lafayette program and/or have questions about that location specifically please direct them to Stacia Synnestvedt at 303-437-5377.

The address of our center in Eastern Boulder County is 424 E. Simpson St, Lafayatte, CO.