Accelerated How To Heal Yourself, 1-Day


How To Heal Yourself Class
Use simple tools to bring your life together. Learn to manage relationship, job, family, and future and take charge of your own life. Using these tools, you will be on the path of developing your psychic abilities and recognizing your own energies. Your intuitive awareness becomes an integral part of your daily experience. In this class you will learn tools and meditations to:

  • Release unwanted energies
  • Replenish your own energy
  • Attract what you want into your life
  • Develop your intuitive awareness
  • Integrate spiritual awareness in your daily life
  • Heal yourself and others

This class is a prerequisite for the Clairvoyant Program. This class is offered in a 6-week format or in an accelerated 1-Day format – you will learn the same techniques in each option.

Learn the tools of the “How to Heal Yourself” class in this one one-day format.

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How To Heal Yourself, 1-Day 

OFFERED: The 2nd Saturday of every month. Next sessions are:

  • Saturday, December 9 or January 13
  • Noon-5:30pm

COST: $150

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