Hands on Healing / Spiritual Healing Program


Take these two amazing healing classes back to back! Or just take one!

In Spiritual Healing, learn to have your certainty as a healer, helping another without using your energy or taking on their issues! Learn easy yet profound techniques including cellular healing, chakra and aura balancing, soul retrieval, holographic healing & more!

In Hands on Healing, play in that deep, deep space a healee gets to while they lie on your table! In this wonderful healing program learn how to set a sacred space  for deep and profound healing without taking on any energy.  Find and alleviate painful trigger points, activate and use your healing energy,  learn magnetic healing, simple cranio sacral techniques, work with healing guides and more!

A one year program, spiritual healing is the first six months, then moves into Hands on Healing for the next six months! You will also participate in a healing clinic once a month, and work with one person a month who needs help.

Prerequisite: How To Heal Yourself, and How To Read

Registration Info!
Spiritual Healing / Hands-On Healing Program

OFFERED: 6 months, each program, take one or both! Next session:

  • Hands On Healing starts March 2018, for 6 months, Noon-5pm each month. Taught by Brijanna Carbone
  • Spiritual Healing, starts In Session,  Noon-5pm. Taught by Brijanna Carbone.

COST: $200/mo

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