Listen to Your Intuition

A new year  is a wonderful time to devote your energies to a favorite project or a dream you are ready to make come true. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly or even trying to create the whole project at once. Start with a small step that takes you  in the right direction. What makes […]

Three Easy Ways to Heal Yourself

With the all the ups and downs we are experiencing and witnessing in the world (and with no end in sight), what are some simple ways to maintain alignment with your true vibration so that your thoughts, feelings and actions magnetize your vision of a healed world to you? When you are in alignment with your truth, you […]

“Everything is love or a cry for help…”

One of my favorite quotes from The Way of Mastery, published by the Shanti Christo Foundation, is “Everything is love or a cry for help and healing.” Think about that for a minute. It stopped me in my tracks years ago. I looked at every time someone was unkind, competitive, rude, manipulative or whatever behavior […]

A Message from Michael J Tamura

“Life is full of tough choices, ain’t it?” Ursula the Witch says to Ariel, the Little Mermaid, in Disney’s eponymous film. Meanwhile, American cartoonist and journalist, Allen Saunders, as well as John Lennon, imagined life being “what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” No matter what your perspective, however, life isn’t for the faint […]

Compassion With World Events

What a whirlwind of activity and changes we find ourselves in these days. When outside forces create changes we are unprepared for, it can feel very over whelming. It can be challenging to know where to begin to handle the fear that arises. Whether it is a natural disaster or racial or cultural tension, it […]

Clairvoyance = Clear Sight

When Mary Bell and I created Psychic Horizons Center and the Church of Inner Light 23 years ago, we looked at whether we would use the word “psychic” in the school’s title. We wondered if the word was too charged. Of course it is for some folks, but that hasn’t stopped us from thriving as […]

Merging The Inner and Outer


How are you doing? For most of us, life is certainly interesting. As we follow our spiritual paths, we practice merging the physical and energetic worlds together; walking in the world, aware that we are of Divinity. We access the core truth within where we know we are more than meets the eye and so […]

Choose Unity and Flow


Many feel the effects of the energy shifts around the world and are voicing opinions. Instead of one side against the other, people see that for the world to work we have to come together and unite. Some days it seems damn near impossible, yet this is the only thing that will bring us the […]

From Resistance To Love


“To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.” – Sufi Saying So much to resist at the moment, and so little time! For many people, challenges abound within their lives and/or in relationship to what they see happening in the world at large. As conscious spiritual folk, we know […]

This Very Moment


Pema Chodron, a favorite author of mine, wrote “When Things Fall Apart.” I picked this book up in the 1990’s and loved her simplicity and wisdom; it was a profound time of change and tension in the world. Gee, similar to how it is now! I discovered her timeless words to comfort and help us […]