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Monthly Meditation Message: Moving from self-punishment into self-love


Good morning! Breathe and close your eyes, and find that still, quiet place within you. Let your  body be supported, and allow  yourself to have a healing during today’s message! This month of May of 2013  presents us with powerful opportunities to embrace new levels of consciousness, and  increase our ability to offer ourselves to […]

Cultivating a Simple Mind


Lucky you if you are cultivating the ability to find delight in simple things! When I travel I don’t compare places,  I just love where I find myself. On a recent three-week trip, for example, it was fun  to  see where we would end up camping each night. Each place had its wonderments—a clear stream, […]

Monthly Meditation Message: Using The Mind on Our Spiritual Journey


Good morning! Take a deep breath, and validate the still, quiet space within you. Today’s thought is: “A mind all logic is like a knife, all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it. If I only had one rupee, I would buy a flower for my soul.”— Rabindranath Tagore The mind is amazing. […]

Letting Go of Control


Letting go of of control. How eager are we to do that? Not so much! We want to control it all! But notice that the big changes we see on the planet demonstrate that we are not in control of this show. We think having insurance or enough money in the bank puts us in […]