A View of Hope

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Three Easy Ways to Heal Yourself

With the all the ups and downs we are experiencing and witnessing in the world (and with no end in sight), what are some simple ways to maintain alignment with your true vibration so that your thoughts, feelings and actions magnetize your vision of a healed world to you? When you are in alignment with your truth, you […]

Clairvoyance = Clear Sight

When Mary Bell and I created Psychic Horizons Center and the Church of Inner Light 23 years ago, we looked at whether we would use the word “psychic” in the school’s title. We wondered if the word was too charged. Of course it is for some folks, but that hasn’t stopped us from thriving as […]

Merging The Inner and Outer


How are you doing? For most of us, life is certainly interesting. As we follow our spiritual paths, we practice merging the physical and energetic worlds together; walking in the world, aware that we are of Divinity. We access the core truth within where we know we are more than meets the eye and so […]

From Resistance To Love


“To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.” – Sufi Saying So much to resist at the moment, and so little time! For many people, challenges abound within their lives and/or in relationship to what they see happening in the world at large. As conscious spiritual folk, we know […]

Awareness Within Mystery


One summer day the venerable old Chao-chou proposed a little contest of Zen repartee with his attending disciple, Wen-yuan: to see who could identify himself with the lowest thing in the scale of human values. Chao-chou began: “I am a donkey.” Wen-yuan: “I am the donkey’s buttocks.” Chao-chou: “I am the donkey’s dung.” Wen-yuan: “I […]

Have A Year Of Desire


Hello to a brand new year and new beginnings! Many are experiencing angst due to different world events and it is understandable! We notice what is unfolding around us that isn’t of love is and the results aren’t pleasing to those with a big heart and sensitive soul. That said, how about making falling into […]

From Challenge To Love


Handling change is a dance! But challenges offer us chances to dig deep within to test our faith and inner foundation. We each discover how to align with Creator and respond to life from our truth. This is the payoff for having established a spiritual path that leads you to peace, joy and a loving […]

Live From Your Passion


“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” – Antoine de Saint Exupery Quite a powerful quote! Are you aligned with your passion as we watch the world […]

Why Do Bad Things Happen?


It’s a logical question…why do these bad things happen? Why is it so easy for some people to see there is gross inequality in our world on many levels, and others, who often have more than enough, are oblivious? Why is it easy for some of us to feel better about more and more people […]

Small Things Done In Love


I love this quote from the book ‘God Laughs and Plays’ by David James Duncan: “When small things are done with love, it’s not a flawed you or me who does them: it’s love. I have no faith in any political party, left, right or centrist. I have boundless faith in love. In keeping with […]