As a medical intuitive, I often see that many of us who are dealing with illness or injury tend to “hover” energetically outside the body, waiting for the coast to be clear before granting permission to anchor ourselves into the body again. One of the most common complaints I hear is, “I want this pain, discomfort, annoyance (fill in the blank) to go away so I can get into my body and live my purpose.”

But as spiritual beings with human bodies, getting INTO the body AS IT IS is the first step if we really want to live our purpose.

In order to GET into the body, we need to experience WHAT is in the body -— no matter how painful, frightening, itchy or depressing it may seem. Symptoms won’t go away if we’re dissociating from them. We dissociate from uncomfortable experiences by leaving the body, and the only way to come back to present-time is to make a conscious intention to experience our situation in an embodied way. There’s no other way around it, spiritually speaking.

I think many of us who are on a spiritual path tend to believe that if we’re sick or have symptoms, we must not be on our path. But if we wait for the “feel good spiritual moments” and resist everything else, we end up tailgating the body, never fully experiencing ALL the moments that life offers to us.

Guaranteed: We’ll never be here in the now -— nor will we truly heal -— if we wait for a better body or a better situation before we allow ourselves as spirit to enter.

The healing alternative is to stay with the body and simply experience it for what it is without judgment. This is embodiment. This is healing. This IS spiritual. This is what is meant by “being in the present moment”.

60-Second Energy Intervention

Neutrality Rose

1. Locate one part of the body that’s uncomfortable, or something in your environment that’s distracting you.

2. Create an image of a large blooming rose or lotus flower in front of you. This is your “Neutrality Rose”.

3. For 30 seconds, see if you can come into your body and experience the discomfort or distraction without judgment or opinion, or without trying to make it go away. Use the image of the Neutrality Rose to remind you of your equanimity.


Written by Alison Anton who has been teaching the art of spiritual medicine, meditation and medical intuition for nearly 20 years. She leads a donation-based telecourse for people struggling with illness, as well as a grad-level Medical Intuition Training through the Psychic Horizons Center. Alison’s vision is to help people who struggle with chronic, debilitating or terminal illness break out of their karmic cycle of disease so that they can heal.

This post is a part of our ongoing blog series featuring submissions by community members, students and graduates of Psychic Horizons Center.