Living in balance and harmony is a goal I strive towards. Balancing work with play, action with stillness, cooking with reading, time alone and time with my honey and friends is a constant dance!  And, like a top,  it goes very smoothly until something called ‘life’ changes the momentum!

We can’t predict the changes that lay in front of us—when and how they will unfold. But we can learn to be open to what comes our way and choose to move in time with a change, and seek its gift rather than resisting change itself. Nothing stays the same, but oh how hard we try to make it remain in the place we are comfortable with!

As we age, we each notice changes in our bodies, minds and spiritual awareness. Some changes we welcome with open arms. Things like being able to quiet our minds or meditating within nature in a place of pure peace. These are changes that  we jump up and down about, and enthusiastically want  to share with the world!

Other changes, we move very quietly with. We may not choose  to shout out, “Hey! I have arthritis and my knees are creaking.” We want to hold private anything we deem as something that is wrong or different with us. We humans are funny! I don’t mind having hearing aids but some people shun getting them. I guess they don’t like people to know they can’t hear, even though we are all shouting and repeating things so they can hear us!  Tee hee! Isn’t that funny?

As you change, get to know the new you with just as much enthusiasm as you did the teenaged you, whose body was changing every week. Let yourself be willing to surrender the old you so you can get to know the new you.

In many cases, you may like it better! Maybe your  body can’t run up a mountain, but as it walks along a path, it has more time to stop and see the little flowers along the way. The goal changes from being the first up to the mountain top, to being engaged with all the beauty and details  along the way.

Everyone has changes they work through; and everyone has health challenges to learn from. Grace comes with finding the harmony within the lesson and enjoying the gift. Namaste❦

Mary Bell Nyman is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO and originally wrote this for the August/September 2015 Newsletter. If you repost this message, or any portion thereof, please give credit to Rev. Mary Bell Nyman,