A new year  is a wonderful time to devote your energies to a favorite project or a dream you are ready to make come true. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly or even trying to create the whole project at once. Start with a small step that takes you  in the right direction. What makes your heart sing or makes you feel alive? When we feel that joy or passion inside of us it is the spirit in us communicating and helping us birth that dream. It is telling the body, “Try here! Investigate this idea!” We get these messages all the time, but many times we don’t listen.

Hindsight is always such a good teacher! I remember getting into my car years ago and as I was pulling out of the driveway I heard, “You need your umbrella.” I laughed and thought, “Look at that beautiful blue sky, I won’t need it.” And of course, as the clouds rolled in, I was caught in one of the heaviest downpours I can remember. Why didn’t I listen to myself? That made an impression on me but still, the next time I heard that voice I did the same thing. I thought my body awareness was senior to my inner voice. Ha-ha! Now I have to admit here, while it took two downpours, I did listen the third time and have been listening to that inner voice ever since. Why? Because it is never wrong.

I’m sure I didn’t always hear as a child, but once I started meditating and being in my body, I caught on quickly. Your inner voice is the spirit part of you relaying information to the body to help it make the right decisions. We can override it, and fortunately in my case, I just got wet! So I learned, even when the sky is blue, if I get the signal I stop what I’m doing and go back for that umbrella. I know it seems like a small example but it taught me a lot and gave me a tool that hasn’t failed me.  I think most people can identify with that. And it’s a lot easier learning about the inner voice through a rainstorm rather than something more serious!

To begin listening, just take five minutes a day to be totally quiet and listen to yourself. Check in with your body and see if there is something it needs: a certain food, more exercise, more sleep, more laughter etc… Then, check in with your spirit’s wisdom and ask, what does it need? Do you long for time alone?  Quiet walks in nature for reflection?  Time to let go of all the business in your life and find more space for you? Practice just being with yourself and doing nothing and listen. That’s when the dreams come in. Namaste.


Rev. Mary Bell Nyman has been teaching and reading for over 40 years. She teaches the six-month minister and teacher classes, telephone classes and One-to-One. She also does channeled healings with Master Jesus. Call Mary at 303-554-6465 or email her at marybell80503@gmail.com for a reading or information.