Years ago I read The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. It was an incredble story of logical scientists verses spiritual psychics, and who gained the world so to speak. I loved it and later found another trilogy written by Boulder author Robert Dresner, called The Astral Imperative. Dresner begged Asimov to write a sequel, but was given the task to do it himself. I wanted to share his words, which speak so true today.

“Nothing is dead! And nothing ever dies! Rock lives! Dirt lives! Rock lives to become dirt, to become fertile soil, to sustain higher life and enter the cellular membrane of a higher mind and purpose. And God lives in everything, in every thought and feeling, on every world, in every dimension of time and space, in every being and every rock, in every misery and in every wretched form of conscious life, in every virtue and every sin and sinner. It is all God. And it is all grace because even the worst of it can and will evolve into the best of it-given time.”

“God is movement. God is evolution. God is war. God is peace. And the greatest sin of all is when we are consigned to see the half of it, when the light of creation is divided into good and evil, right and wrong, between what is divine and not divine, when we choose sides instead of choosing life. All things in God’s creation have meaning and purpose, and all things and beings can be joined to the heart of God.”

As  our DNA is activated, we find ourselves given a third choice to right or wrong. It is where instead of judging, we act in a manner that is counter-intuitive to what we have been taught. When someone speaks harshly to us, we step back and react from a place of neutrality. We look inside ourselves and wonder, ‘When have I been harsh with another? When have I been short-tempered?” We choose to forgive ourselves first.  Think about it. When you look back on some of your behavior you aren’t so proud of, don’t you want to be forgiven? Don’t you want that other person you hurt to let go of the wrong you did? This creates a new vibration on earth and it is being anchored into the earth grid each time we make that neutral choice. It’s not easy but it is something to strive for! Namaste.❦

Mary Bell Nyman is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO and originally wrote this for the Aug/Sep 2016 Newsletter. If you repost this message, or any portion thereof, please give credit to Rev. Mary Bell Nyman,