One of my favorite quotes from The Way of Mastery, published by the Shanti Christo Foundation, is “Everything is love or a cry for help and healing.”

Think about that for a minute. It stopped me in my tracks years ago. I looked at every time someone was unkind, competitive, rude, manipulative or whatever behavior they were exhibiting, and it felt so true. Sometimes it is a backward compliment that someone can trust us with their pain. The more they rage, the more you can see them wanting to come full circle, back to love. They are saying, “Love me despite my pain, see through to the real me.”

We all want to be acknowledged and seen, especially that genuine part of us that maybe has been too afraid to come out. I admit is it hard to love them when they are all wrapped up in ego or self-indulgence, but we have all been there. We all want Love. Try this the next time, it happens to you. Sit down and envision the spirit of that person in front of you. See the bright light of love that shines inside them. Step out of the body story and just beam them with love.

No one will understand us entirely. They don’t live in our skin, so they will not always understand the intensity of our feelings and scope of our vision. Taking that step back to find neutrality helps, for they are going through their own process just as we are. Bringing loving kindness and forgiveness helps any situation you find yourself in. Practice makes it easier and time heals all wounds. In the end, after we lose the body, it really won’t matter anymore.

Have a sweet holiday season! Namaste.

Rev. Mary Bell Nyman has been teaching and reading for over 40 years. She teaches the six-month minister and teacher classes, telephone classes and One-to-One. She also does channeled healings with Master Jesus. Call Mary at 303-554-6465 or email her at for a reading or information.