What a whirlwind of activity and changes we find ourselves in these days. When outside forces create changes we are unprepared for, it can feel very over whelming. It can be challenging to know where to begin to handle the fear that arises. Whether it is a natural disaster or racial or cultural tension, it brings up strong emotions and we can feel out of control. How do you stand in Divinity when you are surrounded by hatred, fear or confusion?

No matter what is occurring, I start by grounding myself. I make an energy connection from the base of my spine to the center of the earth and anchor it in. This gives me the ability to use my own information and not get pulled into a truth that is not mine. It allows me to clearly see what my next step is. Is it communication, action, resolution or prayer? Each of us responds differently and no one way is the right way.

I visualize the outcome I am intending and ask Source to protect and guide my path. I set intentions that come up with a win/win solution and do not add to a fight where one side is right and one is wrong. To me we are clearly all in this world together. All around me people may be acting or speaking from a different place than me but I hold all of them in light, that they may be guided from their highest truth as spirits.

I cannot control the outcome or opinion of anyone but I offer neutrality and compassion. I forgive those places in myself where I have judgment and resistance and allow my light to be a beacon to others around me. I can choose love over fear again and again every day.


Rev. Mary Bell Nyman has been teaching and reading for over 40 years. She teaches the six-month minister and teacher classes, telephone classes and One-to-One. She also does channeled healings with Master Jesus. Call Mary at 303-554-6465 or email her at marybell80503@gmail.com for a reading or information.