Here we are in spring again with another opportunity to begin anew and open our hearts to a fresh start. When you are ready for a new beginning in your workspace, there are several key questions to ask yourself before you start.

What do you want out of your job? Work can involve friendships, money, recognition, travel, freedom to express yourself and much more. I like to look at the energy of what I want and fine-tune it to fit what I am good at and how I like to experience the world. You can include fun, feeling valued and having growth opportunities to help the world and make a difference. There is so much more to a job than just money. I want a grounded place where I can practice my spiritual tools whether those around me are in the same awareness or not.

Then, be honest with yourself, and look and see what people receive from you in the work place. Are you happy and productive? Do you help the team or hold them back? If you set the energy at a fun, relaxed atmosphere, everyone will match it and start to work in harmony. What emotions do you find yourself in during work? Are you in resistance to being there? Are you stuck in everyone’s expectations? Is it easier for you to quit and start again somewhere else rather than work through your issues?

Whew! Getting honest with yourself can be tough! But that is how we all learn. Imagine a big bubble out in front of you and clear out the energy that does not work for you. Release conflicts and resentment at having to work and support yourself. Fill in with an energy gold sun full of the vibration you do want. As long as you’re working you may as well have fun and enjoy those around you! Try this fun experiment for a week and see what happens: focus only on what is going right at work instead of all the little things that could annoy you. Let them slide! You may discover they don’t matter as much when you stop feeding them your attention!

Now, kick into high gear and enjoy what you are learning from your job. Instead of waiting for people around you to have fun with you, start today to reach out and enjoy being you while you work. You may find the others match you and everyone enjoys working a lot more. You will always get more out of a job when you can be yourself and let others have that same experience. Namaste.❦

Mary Bell Nyman is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO and originally wrote this for the April/May 2014 Newsletter. If you repost this message, or any portion thereof, please give credit to Rev. Mary Bell Nyman,