Take a moment and think about all that you have in your life. Whether you bought it, or a friend gave it to you, you manifested it! Everything in the world has been created by someone’s imagination, and today we’re going to look at bringing the thoughts into actual form. We manifest all the time—on good days and on bad days. Our relationships, money, food, clothing, etc… are all the result of our imagination. This is how we first start to create.

Writing down what you want, visualizing it, and then having the courage to make it real is called a mock-up. When you create an idea you want to keep, it goes through a committee of all seven of your chakras. Periodically, you want to look and see what limits, or sabotages, your mock-ups in each chakra. Remove any negative energy out of each chakra so that your mock-up can manifest and become real!

In the seventh chakra, clean out any energy that keeps you from having your certainty and trust that this idea will come true. In the sixth chakra, look for clarity. How clearly can you envision your idea? In the fifth chakra, look for any energy that makes it hard for you to ask for creation. What voice says you can’t ask for it? In the fourth chakra, it’s about deserving it. What negative messages have you received about your value? Clear them out! Then, stand in your power in the third chakra, claiming to yourself and the universe, “I am having it!” Own your mock-up for yourself. In the second chakra, FEEL it. Feel the joy you will experience when your mock-up comes in. The first chakra is about survival. Ground out any fear that is in the body when you look at receiving this mock-up. You are blessed, you are safe.

Now you are ready to put your mock-up in a bubble, plug it into Source and receive a blessing. Let your excitement fill the energy of the bubble. Then, squish the bubble so it forms a boomerang and toss it out to the edge of the Universe so it can manifest and come back to you! Have fun! Namaste.❦

Mary Bell Nyman is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO and originally wrote this for the February/March 2014 Newsletter. If you repost this message, or any portion thereof, please give credit to Rev. Mary Bell Nyman, www.psychichorizonscenter.org.