Choose Unity and Flow


Many feel the effects of the energy shifts around the world and are voicing opinions. Instead of one side against the other, people see that for the world to work we have to come together and unite. Some days it seems damn near impossible, yet this is the only thing that will bring us the peace we seek.

No matter your background or what “side” you have been on, please consider visualizing the world as one and in harmony. Mass consciousness has evolved such that our joined thoughts and prayers can shape our reality and future. It takes shaking things up for everyone to wake up and get on board. Things will never be what they were. Release that concept and make room for the future and what it holds. That might feel scary but ready or not it is going to be! How you flow with it determines your life.

On days when it feels too big to handle, call on a loved one who has passed and ask them to send you comfort and energy that will help you. Ask your spirit guides, angels, or Ascended Masters for guidance, love, strength and courage to accept change and to hold that same love for everyone in the world. We all want to love and be loved, to feel accepted and at peace. We want our children and grandchildren to have a good life. We want to have a home, food to nourish us and to feel safe. All of this is possible and within our reach but it takes all of us to bring it together.

Be the change you want to see. Each day make “choose love over fear” your new mantra. Don’t think about it. Live it. Our Center is changing, too! In the next few months expect to see class revisions, new offerings, and many more opportunities for you to participate in. We are excited to share them with you. Namaste. ❦

Mary Bell Nyman is the Director of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO and originally wrote this for the August/September 2017 Newsletter. If you repost this message, or any portion thereof, please give credit to Rev. Mary Bell Nyman,