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December Church Message


Good morning! Let your eyes close, take a deep breath. Find that quiet place within and have a healing during today’s message. This season celebrates love, but we will look at happiness  because Jesus called and said he wants you to be happy. Also,  I read a wonderful book and want to share! Besides,  a […]

Your Jar of Happiness


A fun little cartoon I saw shows a person holding a jar of happiness.  The other person asks, “Where did you find that? I’ve been searching for it everywhere.” The first person replies, “I created it myself!” People who figure this out are the happiest!  To the extent that our happiness depends on outside people […]

Savor The Love


With the holidays, the energy of love and compassion begins anew and brings up memories, happy and sad. We wonder if we are loved. Are we enough, do we matter? As spirits we are nothing but love and are always held in God’s love. We need do nothing to have that love, just receive it. […]