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Loving Beyond The Gloom


When I awaken in the night, I use the time to meditate, send people healings, read or journal. Sometimes I awaken and find myself aware of the heartache on the planet. Often I can shift to a healing perspective on it all, but sometimes it is challenging! I recently read an interview with the peaceful […]

Follow Your Path


The first year that someone learns to meditate here at Psychic Horizons, they find ways to quiet the mind and silence the chatter. Sometimes they use a mantra or place their awareness on their breathing to help cease the mind’s endless parade of ideas and judgements. After that is achieved, they gain the ability to […]

September Church Message


Good morning! Take a deep breath, close your eyes and  validate that quiet place within  as you have a healing in this morning’s message!  Let’s re-align and re-calibrate our awareness for the coming month. All over the news and internet are the headlines of changes that are the harbingers of economic collapse and others types […]