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Dung Beetles Big Adventure


I love to find the magic and beauty in each environment I encounter. I am lucky that way, because it means I rarely find myself feeling like I am missing something. I am where I am! Where I am is the best place for me to be in that moment. Besides seeing what I notice, […]

Living With Change


Living in balance and harmony is a goal I strive towards. Balancing work with play, action with stillness, cooking with reading, time alone and time with my honey and friends is a constant dance!  And, like a top,  it goes very smoothly until something called ‘life’ changes the momentum! We can’t predict the changes that […]

July Church Message


Hello! Let your eyes close, take a deep breath, and let yourself heal during today’s message! When meditating on a theme for today, I saw  something light was in order for this beautiful summer’s day, and creativity came up!  Imagine some of the sights you have seen today. In your mind’s eye, see some images […]