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Be The Change


Many people see the change they wish would happen on the planet and wait for it to occur. They have forgotten that they ARE the one. They are waiting to arrive. All of us come with a plan of how this life is going to unfold and with the gifts we have to share in […]

Compassion or Bust


I imagine that if I were to meet Jesus, Buddha or Mother Mary, I would be just astounded at their compassion. Within our DNA is layer 11, which allows us the opportunity to embrace compassion and the wise divine feminine. Our DNA holds not only our physical chemistry, but is multi-dimensional and holds our ability […]

May Church Message


Good morning! Breathe, and let your eyes close and go within. Send a hello to your mother, wherever she may be, and to Mother Earth on this beautiful (snowy?) spring morning. On this beautiful Mother’s Day morning,  let’s cultivate aspects of the Divine Mother that are ready for renewal within ourselves, following along with the  […]