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Finding Strength Within


Standing in my truth is what brings me the most joy in life. It is the backbone that allows me to pursue my goals and go after my dreams. Ever since I was a child I knew I was loved and cherished by God. Not the God that kept a ledger of good or bad, […]

Loving the Journey


If you are riding the jet stream of this spiritual revolution, you are probably finding yourself busier than ever! Spirit looks for those who are doing a lot and gives us even more to do! We have daily opportunities to live our truth and walk our talk, over and over! We recently had our 20th […]

January Church Message


I wish I was a glow worm, a glow worm’s never glum. ‘Cuz how can you be sad or mad when the sun shines out your bum? Take a deep breath, and close your eyes, and find your quiet place within! Validate your grounded connection to Mother Earth, and let yourself have  a healing in […]