You are welcome to attend the first class free!
Applicable to six week classes and new students only.
Full payment due before second class.

“I have been a student here for four years, and it has changed my life. The teachers and staff are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Their Tuesday evening free healing clinics are so helpful as a tune-up, and it’s nice to know they’re always there for me. Clairvoyant classes are worth the time and energy, as my life has gotten so much more full since I began.”
– Nami Thompson

Are you seeking…

Closer relationships with the people you love?

New ways to manage stress with work?

Abundance and prosperity?

Are you dealing with …

Too many distractions?

Negative self-talk?

Feeling powerless?


Learn to work with energy in a fun way to help you in your busy world!  In this class you will practice simple energy tools to manage your relationships, job, family, and future. Open to all.

How will this class benefit you in your life?

  1. You’ll learn to be grounded and centered as you heal yourself in a fun, safe environment.
  2. Your intuitive awareness will become an integral part of your daily life, as you reduce inner distractions.
  3. You’ll release unwanted energies like pain, anger & frustration, replacing them with your own healthy energy.
    This can turn your life around!
  4. You’ll learn about your energy system and how to clear your chakras and aura.   Also, learn to heal others.
  5. You’ll  be on the path to developing your psychic abilities, and expanding your spiritual awareness.

“I learned a lot of new techniques from the class, and had a much-needed, strong healing from the Healing Master.”
– J.W.

This class is a prerequisite for the Clairvoyant Program. This class is offered in a 6-week format or in an accelerated 1-Day format – you will learn the same techniques in each option.

“I first attended classes at Psychic Horizon’s Center in 2010 and am continuing to take classes and workshops. This is such an amazing place with beautiful and gifted teachers with such open hearts. I am soooo very grateful for the tools I have learned and the powerful experiences I have had. I highly highly highly recommend this center to anyone who is. (yes, you read that right) 🙂 They have helped me open to my experience here on earth making life so much more enjoyable. I cannot say enough great things. Definitely worth every minute!”
– Kathy Ganev