Sometimes we find ourselves on the eve of a challenging or uncomfortable situation. It could be a dentist appointment, a meeting with an ex, a job interview….a situation where we would like to feel more comfortable or certain. We would like to be able to respond from our truth, and be in less fear or anxiety.

Get quiet and close your eyes. Imagine the situation in a bubble floating in front of you. See a grounded beam of light attached to the bottom of the bubble to the earth. Now intend for energies that are limiting ease and grace within this situation to be released.

Then, see that bubble filled in with a color that reflects how you would like to experience the event. What colors would feel good? How would you like to feel during the event? Then, release the bubble to the universe to manifest! Just let it go, like you are releasing a balloon. It can be festive, feeling the relief of knowing that the space is set for your learning, growth and peace of mind.

Now imagine a gold sun over your head and fill it in with the same colors, considerations and outcome. Breathe, smile, and trust that all will occur for your best and highest good!

Rev. Hope Hewetson is the director of Psychic Horizons Center and has been teaching and reading for over 20 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at