One of the most useful things to master in life is learning to be in the present moment. Often it’s a challenge to stay focused on the “now” as you keep bringing yourself back from the past or the future. There are a few energy tools that you can use to help stay present.
You can ground yourself by using a grounding cord. Imagine a tube that attaches to your hips and travels down to the center of the earth. Release all of the energy that doesn’t serve your highest good down that grounding cord. You can also sit in the center of your head. Take an imaginary gold sticky rose and “clean out” the space behind the middle of your forehead. Then fill the center of your head with a color of the energy you’d like to enjoy in this present moment.
Another tool that is useful for me is imagining a bubble outside your aura and filling it with all of your distractions, past conversations, feelings, judgements, thoughts, other people’s energies, and anything else that is fogging up your space. Keep filling it until there is nothing except you experiencing peace. Bathe yourself in that space while you continue to release energies down your grounding cord. Then fill your body and aura energy field around your body with a golden sun.
Have fun practicing being in present time!