Here you will find for sale a selection of classes and workshops offered by Pyschic Horizons Center. These sessions will be of benefit to anyone and everyone and include our basic foundational tools and meditations.  They are insightful, as well as practical, and will help you gain more knowledge and control over many situations in life.

These sessions were originally either offered as a multi-session teleclass series’ or were workshops held onsite at The Center here in Boulder. Prices range from $25-$150.  Browse through and find what interests you!

If you would prefer a CD set of any of these offerings please contact us!


Please click on titles for description and purchase.
Michael Tamura Speaks at Psychic Horizons

Michael spoke at the center after a fun-filled weekend seminar….

Michael Tamura mp3 download, approx. 3 hours, $25   Add to Cart


How To Heal Yourself Class

With this psychic healing class download, discover simple tools to bring your life together. Learn to manage relationship, job, family, and future and take charge of your own life. Using these tools, you will be on the path of developing your psychic abilities and recognizing your own energies. Your intuitive awareness becomes an integral part of your daily experience.

This is our foundational course.

In this class you will learn tools and meditations to help you:

    • Release unwanted energies
    • Replenish your own energy
    • Attract what you want into your life
    • Develop your intuitive awareness
    • Integrate spiritual awareness in your daily life
    • Heal yourself and others

This class is a prerequisite for the Clairvoyant Training

How to Heal Yourself Phone Class Mp3 download, 6 classes, $150

 Add to Cart

Taking Charge of Your Life – CD

Narrated by Mary Bell Nyman, these three short meditations guide you through grounding, running your energy and finding your own space.

Taking Charge of Your Life, mp3 download, about 45 minutes, $17 Add to Cart

Reclaiming Your Space – CD

These short meditations help you find your space out in the world, and in your work space.

Reclaiming Your Space, mp3 download, about 45 minutes, $17  Add to Cart

How to Meditate with Your Children – CD

Three sweet meditations to help you and your children find your space.

How to Mediate with Your Children, mp3 download, 20 minutes, $15  Add to Cart

Embracing the Paradigm Shift

Embracing the Paradigm Shift (Even when if feels more shit*y than shifty!) Work with your DNA, spiritual and physical anatomy to facilitate your personal transformation. More awareness of your transformation helps the paradigm of love we are creating blossom. It’s definitely a balance of beingness within the business, and allowance amidst things we want to resist! Move through these shifts with more laughter, certainty and creativity! Taught by Hope Hewetson.

Embracing the Paradigm Shift, mp3 download, 3 hrs, $45  Add to Cart

Access Your Creativity

As a spiritual being, you are all creativity and you are always creating! Clear limitations and invalidation from your creative space. Learn to access your unique creative essence when you choose. It’s easy to let this space get blocked! Heal it so it can add to your life in all areas.  Taught by Hope Hewetson.

Access Your Creativity, mp3 download, ~ 2.5 hrs, $45  Add to Cart

Setting Space and Goals for the New Year

Release 2016 with gratitude and do a mock-up for your new year! Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

Setting Space for the New Year, mp3 download, ~ 2 hrs, $25  Add to Cart

Miracles of the Divine Mother

Tap into your miracle space for the Solstice as we hold the energy of love and joy to guide our way.

Miracles of the Divine Mother, mp3 download, ~ 2 hrs, $25   Add to Cart

Connecting to Love Within Challenge

Connecting to Love Within Challenge, mp3 download, ~ 2 hrs, $30  Add to Cart

Talk to the Crystals

Talk to the Crystals, mp3 download, ~ 3 hrs, $45  Add to Cart

The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is seen as a fundamental right in the United States and when people are asked what they want out of life the answer for most is to be happy! But what is happiness and how do we find it? Can we make ourselves happier? Who’s happy and who’s not and why? What keeps us from feeling happiness? We will explore these questions and clear blocks so you can bring more happiness into your life.

Taught by Shelly Hodgen. Shelly lives in San Francisco Bay area and has been doing intuitive readings, healings and teaching for over 30 years! She was director of Berkeley Psychic Insitute for 10 years.

The Pursuit of Happiness, mp3 download, ~2 hrs, $50  Add to Cart

Self Love 101

Do you see your light and feel great love for yourself? How about when you mess up? We learned to punish ourselves and be critical, and we can also learn to have compassion for ourselves and great gratitude for all we experience and offer the world. Increasing our self love heals our health, relationships, abundance and more! Taught by Hope Hewetson.

Self Love 101, Mp3 download, ~2 hrs, $45   Add to Cart

Trancemediumship 101

You are a being that can be in and out of your body.  What does that mean, and how can your understanding of this help you with love, creating, and health?  A little awareness of this phenomenon can go a long way in assisting you on your spiritual path and daily life!

Trancemediumship 101, Mp3 download, ~2 hrs, $45   Add to Cart

How To Communicate with Spirits: The Basics, A Workshop Series

Everyone can do it! Have YOU ever wondered how to communicate with spirits on the other side? We will explore some grounded and safe ways you can connect with your loved ones for clearer communication. Become your own expert and learn to listen and speak for yourself.

How To Communicate with Spirits: The Basics, Workshop Series (4, ~1hr classes) Cost: $100

Manifesting Wonder, A Workshop Series

Want more peace, a better job or great relationships?   Learn simple methods to improve your manifestation abilities!

Manifesting Wonder, Workshop Series (4, ~1hr classes) Cost: $100

What's The Story on Karma? A Workshop Series

Karma has gotten a bad rap, used in a fearful way instead as a tool to lead you to your Truth! learn simple and fun ways to free yourself from the lie of punishment!

What’s The Story on Karma?, Workshop Series (4, ~1hr classes) Cost: $100

The Magic of Spirit and Your Inner Child

This season is a delight, so magical, so loving, so giving. Let’s do
some inner-child healing of old pain and fears, and increase our
ability to experience the spontaneity and playfulness of life and its
many gifts! Reset your compass to include the curiosity and wonderment
of this beautiful world, seeing from the heart versus the mind.

The Magic of Spirit and Your Inner Child workshop (~2hrs recorded) Cost: $55

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Access Your Creativity

As a Spirit, you are pure creativity! Clear and own this space so you can access your creativity when you choose! release old notions and limitations on your unique expression. Limits on this space affect us in all areas of life: our intuition, abundance, relationships and more! Start the new Year with more freedom to be the Creator that you are!

Access Your Creativity workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $25

Fun with Relationships!

Relationships are a fabulous and sometimes frustrating barometer of our spiritual health! Whether you are in a relationship or ready to create one, heal and update this space so it is in affinity with your spiritual truth and intention. establish clear boundaries so you don’t lose yourself; clear your ability to communicate and love who you are while in relationship with others! Heal family and karmic patterns that limit your ability to grow while in relationship.

Fun with Relationships workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $25

Healing Childhood Pain

How did you manage the energy of family, school, religious institutions and other encounters while you were a psychic, or extra sensitive, child?  The energy you couldn’t manage is in your unconscious, perpetuating patterns that bounce of of each other and limit you today!  Use clairvoyance and energy tools to shine your light on to old fear and pain.  Bringing it into present time gives you more energy to create with now!

Healing Childhood Pain workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $30

The Amazing Gift of Trusting Yourself

How do you know the voice you hear is yours? How can you trust there is a plan for humanity? How can it be possible that slowing down and simplifying will ultimately lead you to the wisdom of the ages contained within you? Use energy work and your own clairvoyance to discover pathways to the your inner stillness, no matter what is going on!

The Amazing Gift of Trusting Yourself workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $30

Embracing Synchronicity

Take a look at how simple “coincidences” are really no accident, and actually provide insightful clues to guide you on life’s journey. Open up to an awareness of these synchronisitic events and learn to trust their significance. Then shift into an intentional space with the concept by working in meditation with energy tools to heal blocks that might keep you from stepping into the flow that this concept can bring, and then use techniques to call in what you want to manifest in your life. Work with your spirit to initiate a miraculous trail of synchronistic signs to guide you!

Embracing Synchronicity workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $30

Communicate with Nature Spirits

Gnomes, fairies, pixies and nixies, there are a slew of them! Work with them, talk to them, and also see how you can facilitate healing for the flora and fauna in your yard and garden, favorite hikes, and planetary environment! They need your attention to flourish!

Communicate with Nature Spirits workshop (~2hrs recorded), Cost: $30

Handling The Shift to the 5th Dimension in Your 3D Body

How can you manage this with more ease, wisdom and amusement? Hint, laughter helps!

Handling The Shift to the 5th Dimension in Your 3D Body Workshop (~2 hrs recorded), Cost: $30

Is This Karma?

Heal some karma! Play in the world of forgiveness! Update past life
agreements and patterns that keep you from taking new steps in your
life creatively, in relation- ships, money, healing your body and more!
We will also play on some astral levels and open awareness into key DNA
layers that work with our life path and choices.

Is This Karma? workshop Cost: $55
Add to Cart

Karma is Kool, Surrender is Sweet

Heal some karma! Play in the world of forgiveness! Update past life
agreements and patterns that keep you from taking new steps in your
life creatively, in relation- ships, money, healing your body and more!
We will also play on some astral levels and open awareness into key DNA
layers that work with our life path and choices.

Karma is Kool, Surrender is Sweet workshop (~2 hrs recorded), Cost: $30

Walking in Wholeness as The World Break Apart

It’s a simple concept: the Mind has
two hemispheres and will always see two sides.The heart sees in
wholeness, all is one and of compassion. Lets heal and practice seeing
how to bridge this divide and navigate the changes on the planet from
com- passion. release the ego’s need to take a side and resist change.
some of what is breaking apart has to happen for the new to be created!
This will help you with changes in your life, as well as what we see
happening on a global scale!

Taught by Hope Hewetson.

Walking In Wholeness as the World Breaks Apart workshop cost: $55

Add to Cart[

Being You and Having a Job

Are you sleepwalking through the “job” part of your life as if you
are separate from your work? Is the point of view that working just for
survival or to simply please others not working for you any more? If
you’re ready to BE the YOU you truly are, this class is for you! We’ll
begin to ask the questions of our work and careers that we never
imagined we could. What are the possibilities for change in your life
if you take this class? Taught By Donna Rice-Salemink

Being You and Having a Job Workshop

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Astral Travel 101

What are you doing while you sleep? Learn about your astral body
and the astral levels. How is the work you do as spirit while you sleep is
helpful to your life in the body and your evolution as a soul?

Astral Travel Workshop Cost: $55

Taught by Hope Hewetson

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All About Men For Women

All of us tend to see the opposite sex through filters of past
experiences, cultural programming, desired potentials and more.
These filters keeps us from having the relationship we desire with the
person in front of us, because we are really having our relationship
with these filters.

In this class you will learn how to see all men, young and old:
partners, family members, co-workers, etc. as they truly are in the
moment with the filters removed.

You will leave class understanding: what validates and invalidates men
and male energy; how to best communicate with men; how to get men to
open up and talk; how men create differently than women; and, the #1
key to being loved by a man.

Explore how to shift your relationships with men and male energy

Cost: $75

Taught by Ken Bechtel

The Seven Rays Class

The Seven Rays form the energetic make up of humanity, as taught
by Maitreya and other Ascended Masters. They are seven uniquefrequencies
of energy for us to utilize in our physical incarnation. They integrate
the natre of us as we incarnate from lifetime to lifetime. Master the
virtues of each ray. Balance Will, Love, Intelligence, Harmony,
Science, Devotion and Magic. As you become whole, you create a new
paradigm. Understand ascention and birth the Universe to a new level.

7 Sessions (~1.5-2 hrs each), $200, Add to Cart

Animal Communication & Healing 101 Workshop Series

Learn fun basics of healing and communicating with pets and the animal kingdom. This course is taught in a simple manner, no previous experience necessary!

4 Sessions (~1 hr each), $75,

It's Not My Problem!

A sign of spiritual growth is when we see ourselves having
while at the same time setting healthy boundaries. The happier you are
and the more of your own energy you have, the more you can be of
service to all, even if you have to say no to someone! Own this freeing
ability so you can communicate your truth, and also clear energies
where you are unconsciously taking care of things for others! It’a all
a drain on your space!

It’s Not my Problem Workshop, $55

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Abundance and Manifesting Workshop Series

Learn simple energy tools to take the effort out of
manifesting!  Heal patterns that limit you, and have more peacefulness and joy in
this space.

Abundance & Manifestation Workshop, 7
(~1hr) teleclasses, $100

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Being Present With The Dying Workshop Series

Learn how to hold space for someone who is ready to transition.
Heal perceptions of death that cause you to resist it! The more at peace
we are with death, the more permission we have to live life.

Being Present with the Dying, 4 (~1hr)classes,


Career of Your Dreams Workshop Series

Let go of perceptions that dampen your innate enthusiasm to do
what you came to do this lifetime.

The Career of Your Dreams, 4 (~1hr)classes,

 Add to Cart

Spiritual Parenting Workshop Series

Learn how to communicate to your child as the spirit that they
are, and let go of old parenting patterns that create resistance in
your relationship with these amazing souls.

Spiritual Parenting, 4 (~1hr) classes, $50

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Stress Busters Workshop Series

Use simple energy tools to help cope with daily stress!
Learning to do some daily upkeep on your space keeps you from getting so overloaded!

Stress Busters, 6 (~1hr) classes, $70

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Fun with Astral Travel Workshop Series

Learn some astral travel basics, and have fun seeing what you
are learning while you are out of your body at night!

Fun with Astral Travel, 4 (~1hr) classes, $50

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Healing Survival Consciousness Workshop Series

Learn to identify survival energies in your space and release
them. Most of the anxiety and survival struggles we experience doesn’t even
belong to us, we just absorb it from the group consciousness or
gathered it in childhood.

Be more at peace, no matter what is occurring.

Healing Survival, 4 (~1hr) classes, $50

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Healing Your Teenage Years Workshop Series

In our teenage years many of us accumulated a lot of pain and
energies around fitting in, new love, self esteem and so on! Clean out
this energy and have your joy and spontaneity back!

Healing Your Teenage Years, 4 (~1hr) classes, $50

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Healing Your Internal Dialogue Workshop Series

Use simple energy tools to clear the center of your head
of unnecessary thoughts and energies that take up space, and divert
your attention from your true focus!

Healing Your Internal Dialogue, 4 (~1hr) classes, $50

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Healing Loneliness Workshop Series

When we are lonely, we are lost as a soul, and are looking to
feel connection with our body and have our soul purpose validated.
Heal this space, and learn what connection really is.

Healing Loneliness, 3 (~1hr) classes, $35

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The Art of Grounding and Present Time

Whether these conepts are new to you or old hat, they are
essential in freeing yourself from what ever suffering you perceive
yourself to be in – healing chronic pain, staying stuck in old
grievances, difficulty in experiencing joy, or lack. These tools make
it safe for you to open your heart and truly live life.

The Art of Grounding and Present Time, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Self Love Workshop

You can search the world over for someone
who is more deserving of your love and affection than yourself, and
that person is not to be found anywhere.  You yourself, as much as
anybody in the entire world, deserves your love and affection”

The Buddha

Release old concepts and energies that keep you in self-punishment
patterns. Let go of old stories and create from a place of love and
self-validation. You are worth it!

Self Love 101, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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House Healing

This is a wonderful skill to have for your own home and

business or to help another!  Use simple energy tools to clear a
space of foreign energies, beings or an energy vortex.  Learn to
set the space of calm, abundance, joy, to sell – whatever you choose!

House Healing, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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The Energy of Ending Relationships

Is there someone in your life that you have made a physical
separation from but are having a hard time seperating from
energetically?  Get your energy back, end the karma and take back
your power!

The Energy of Ending Relationships, Workshop (~1.5 hrs recorded), $20

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Creating and Healing Relationships

Relationships certainly have the ability to trigger king-pin issues that allow us to heal and to grow! Learn to clear your
communication space and feel loved, and be who you are in the presence of another – and don’t take it all so seriously!

Creating and Healing Relationships, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Prosperity Consciousness: The Millionaire Mind

What is your blueprint for financial prosperity? Heal the
concepts that control your ability to manifest prosperity and create
successful financial goals.

Prosperity Consciousness, Workshop (~1.5 hrs recorded), $20

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Heal Your Partnership with Your Higher Self

This workshop was part of Psychic Horizons Spiritual Retreat
that was attended by healers from all around the world!
Heal Partnership w/Your Higher Self, Workshop (~2 hrs recorded), $30

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Own Your Value as a Sacred Being in the Body

This workshop was part of Psychic Horizons Spiritual Retreat that was attended by healers from all around the world!
Value as a Sacred Being in The Body, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $30

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From Judgement To Love

The karma still playing out on the planet has to do with the
last of the ancient tribal and group agreements. Healing this within
ourselves allows the planet to heal. Bringing these spaces into love
allows your to create from your soul purpose and build your ascension
body! This ends the damaging karmic cycles and brings it back to love!

From Judgement to Love, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Communicate with Your Spirit Guidess and Other Amazing Beings

Meet your spirit guides, and other beings that hang out around
you! Learn to communicate with them, receive help from them, and how to
send them off if they are pesky! We will also meet angels, nature
spirits and more. As hallow- een approaches, the veil is thinner
between dimensions and it’s fun to see what these beings have to say
and teach us.

Communicate with Spirit Guides,Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Honoring The Divine Feminine

Run and clear your unique female creative energy and release
energies that keep you from feeling empowered and honored. Be the
spiritual leader and healer that you are, owning all aspects of the
Divine Feminine, from Healer to Seductress to Warrior! Update your own
feminine space as a sacred vessel of the Goddess. This is a wonderful
space to replenish your energy and nourish yourself.

Honoring The Divine Feminine, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Tantra For Women

Clear and own your sexual space. Release energies such as
invalidation, fear and the commercial world. Return it to the sacred
space that it is! This will help you heal yourself, and deepen your
relationship space within yourself and with others.

Tantra For Women, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Accessing Your Creativity

What’s happening there? Are there things you would like to
create in your life that you want support on? Whether it’s an art
project, a relationship or your career, creating is the realm of
spirit. Let’s access it, and have it in the body so that the rubber
meets the road in our physical creative world. As the planet shifts,
creativity is even more accessible and activities and work that don’t
reflect our creative spirits are becoming more intolerable. Release old
programming and let’s have some fun!

Accessing Your Creativity, Workshop
(~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Handling Major Shifts and Changes

Learn how to use your energy and psychic abilities to navigate
through the world and personal shifts – such as money, career,
relationships and catastrophies. Separate from the drama and be the

Handling Mahor Shifts and Changes, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Astral Travel 101

What are you doing at night when your body is sleeping? How can
you remember your astral space and your dreams? Look at this process
and enjoy more conscious astral travels, and get the most out of that
time when you don’t have to be running a body in the 3D world!

Astral Travel 101, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Setting Goals and Manifesting Them

Create a year of Miracles!  This workshop was originally
held during the new year, but can be useful any time you are ready to
start anew.  Set your intentions, release any energy blocking you
from getting there and watch your manifestions come to reality.

Setting Golas and Manifesting Them, Workshop (~1-2 hrs recorded), $20

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Healing Credit Cards and Debt

Clear out old energy and ideas about money that no longer serve
you.  Set your space for havingness and prosperity! Taught by
Brijanna Carbone, Dec 2012.

Healing Credit Cards and Debt, Workshop (~1-2 hrs recorded), $25

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Elementals, Pixies & Gnomes!

This is a wonderful workshop to enhance your time spent in
nature! Learn to see and communicate with the devas, pixies and other
nature spirits that abound. See how to help them, how they communicate
and work together, and how you can be of service to the planet in
different ways. See how the elementals and animals work together! Get
in touch with the spontaneous magic of the beings that surround us!
What do they teach you? And how can we help these beings as the earth

Elementals, Pixies & Gnomes, Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Open To Your Energy Healing Skills

Have you ever wondered if you are a healer? Does energy really
help someone heal? Learn how to do some simple healings and wake up
this gift! It is such an amazing service to offer one another. You may
be trying to heal everyone anyway, so you may as well learn how to do
it without losing your energy or taking on others’ worry and issues!
Also a great opportunity to update and clear your healing space if you
are already a practicing healer.

Open to Your Energy Healing Skills Workshop (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Ultimate Update: Your Akashic Records

Take a journey with your Akashic Record Keeper and update your
space and agreements to present time – ending karma through love and
forgivenenss. Visit your last lifetime, utero, your birth through
death. You are creator. Consciously choose your present moment – make
it one you, as an eternal spirit, would like to life in forever!

Ultimate Update: Your Akashic Records (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Soul Retrieval

We can lose parts of ourselves in many different ways – at
birth, during adolescence, from family drama, in past lives, etc. Call
back the parts of you that are stuck in pain and bring them back to
your own vibration and essence. Work with a power animal, and learn to
do this journey for yourself and others!

Soul Retrieval Workshop  (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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From Blame to Compassion

Use energy tools and awareness to lessen the distractions that
keep us from tuning into love and holding the vision of Peace on earth!
Look at the energies behind the drama and distraction. Release
unconscious programming from family, media and government. Channeled
group healing at the end.

From Blame To Compassion, Session 1  (~1-2 hrs recorded), $20

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From Blame To Compassion, Session 2 (~1-2 hrs recorded), $20

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From Blame To Compassion, Session 3 (~1-2 hrs recorded), $20

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Your Inner Man Cave – Spirituality Tools for Men

Build and develop your inner masculine space. Know what your male body needs to fulfill your spirit’s purpose.

Your Inner Man Cave (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25

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Healing Into Love and Spiritual Freedom

Tap into love and divinity within. Heal old pain in your heart ckakra, clear your communication with Source. Then, clear your
path to spiritual freedom this life- time. What did you come to heal and be this life?

Healing Into Love and Spiritual Freedom (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25
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Fun with Relationships

We love relationships but they tend to stir up kingpin issues for us! Take a next step in your relationships to communicate
better, and just be you. Don’t take them so seriously! Reset this space to match where you are now, releasing old notions of how they should be. Let go of patterns that keep you from exploring new ground in your relationship experiences. Great if you are creating one or in one!

Fun with Relationships (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25
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Healing Pain and Illness

From the common cold to cancer Learn techniques to heal
yourself by shifting your vibration, emotionally, mentally and
spiritually! practice non-resisitance, welcome physical challenges for
the teachers that they are, and the transformation they allow. release
patterns, and clear communication between you the spirit and your body.
Make the gift of having a body senior to the notion that you have a

Healing Pain and Illness (~2-3 hrs recorded), $25
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Spiritual Anatomy

For graduates and current clairvoyant students only.
This popular class is offered once a year. Get the details and rundown
of the chakra parts, three rings, the telepathic chan- nels analyzer,
all of the energy channels, astral body, and etheric bodies and more.
Where are they? What do they do? How can you clean them out? Were do
the chakras communicate to one another? An analyzer’s dream….have
more certainty in your body of what that spiritual anatomy looks like!
Repeat this class for half price.

Spiritual Anatomy (~2-3 hrs recorded), $55

Contact us to purchase!