Free – Practicing Presence – Introduction to Meditation
Do you ever wonder how to manage your energy and the energy around you? Learn how simple visualized meditations can help you be present, centered and more focused.  Use these tools to help you in your every day life!

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Free Workshop Practicing Presence

OFFERED: Open to all!
Wednesday, September 19th, 7-8:30pm. Taught by JoLee Wingerson.
COST: Free
SIGN-UP: Attend in person or on the phone.  Email: to register!

Guest Workshop – Sound Casting -The Art of Sounding for Well Being on Every Level, open to all

Learn by direct experience about the power to heal yourself and others with your voice. We’ll dive more deeply into different aspects of SoundCasting including breath work, sound healing exercises, chakra clearing, Soul Medicine Song singing and more! We’ll play in teams, small group and whole group experiencing.
This workshop is for personal application and some professional application with your clients. It is also a pre-requisite for advanced workshops and trainings.  This workshop is expected to fill fast so register soon!

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Special Guest Workshop: Sound Casting -The Art of Sounding for Well Being on Every Level

OFFERED: Guest Workshop, taught by Danae Shanti.

  • Saturday, September 23, 12:30 – 3:30pm, $45

COST: $45

Guest Workshop:

Free Webinar – 3 Steps To Manage Your Life, Love and Happiness

Learn 3 energy healing visualization tools that you can use anytime of the day!

What you Will Learn in this Webinar:

  1. Understand your energy systems and how to work with them so that you can experience more love and happiness in your life!
  2. Release energy that is not serving your highest purpose, like frustration, anger and guilt.
  3. Replenish your body with your own creative essence and other qualities like love, acceptance, amusement, clarity, and presence.

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October Workshop – Communicate With Your Spirit Guides for Help and Guidance

Deepen your communication with your guides.They assist you on many levels! Learn to work with them safely and how to hold your seniority with them. It’s almost Halloween and the veil is thin; a great time to tune into the other side! In person or on the phone.

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Communicate With Your Spirit Guides for Help and Guidance

OFFERED: Workshop, Open to all.
Saturday, October 14, Noon-3pm
Taught by Hope Hewetson

COST: $45

Monthly Workshop:

Free Workshop – Introduction to the Clairvoyant Program, open to all

Look at how accessing  your clairvoyance helps you in the world. Get a sense of what the classes are like and the
options available.  Bring your questions and start reading a past life right away! After 22 years as a Center, we are still enthusiastic about helping people find their answers within. Then they can help others as well!

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Free – Introduction to the Clairvoyant Program

OFFERED: Free Workshop – Learn more About the Clairvoyant Program

  • Wednesday, November 1st, 7-8:30pm. Taught by Hope Hewetson

SIGN-UP: Email to reserve your space.  Attend in person or on the phone.

November Workshop – Shining Brightly in a Changing World
The holidays are a great time to practice responding to the world, your family, friends and workmates from your true inner essence. From birth we are impressed with others’ expectations on who we should be. Release core beliefs that don’t serve you and let your inner light shine!

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Workshop – Shining Brightly in a Changing World

OFFERED: Workshop, open to all.

Saturday,  November 11, Noon-3pm

Taught by Hope Hewetson
In person or on the phone


November Workshop:

November Workshop:

Special Course in Lafayette – Healing With Your Inner Child: 4 Week Series

Deeply connect with the most vulnerable part of yourself for profound healing, wholeness and joy.

You used to live a life of wonder and joy.  Amazed by your surroundings, aware of the preciousness of life, connected to all things. Today you feel unfulfilled, disconnected and stressed.   Your nerves are frazzled, your mind is spinning with self-judgment and confusion, and it feels like an accomplishment to just make it through the day without stepping on any emotional land-mines.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you, dear tenderheart.

Are you ready for some peace and self-compassion?  Are you longing to feel empowered, whole and passionate about life again?  Do you want to grow in self-understanding and love?

In this life-changing 4-week course, you’ll learn:

  • How to heal painful patterns in your life at the roots easily and effectively.
  • How to have compassion for yourself even during the most difficult times.
  • How to truly listen to your inner voice, instead getting lost in the noise of other people’s expectations and judgments.
  • How to listen to your emotions so they inform and guide you.
  • Why befriending your inner child is your key to lasting peace, wholeness and joy!

You deserve happiness and peace and there’s no more direct route than the profound healing you’ll experience in this class!  Set yourself on the road to wholeness and joy!

Held at our Lafayette Location: 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette CO 80026

More details on the course can be found here

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Healing With Your Inner Child: 4 Week Series


  • Tuesday evenings, 7 pm – 9 pm, October 3rd – 24th.
  • Facilitated by Karena Neukircher

COST: $197/month
SIGN UP: Space is limited! join via our Lafayette Center’s Website – more information on the course available there too:

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