Psychic Explorations – 3-Workshops this summer, open to all

We’ll create a fun kindergarten space in which to play with psychic concepts and make them real in your life! Bring your questions about clairvoyance. In each class we’ll explore a topic. Use your clairvoyance to:
Meet Your Spirit Guides — Wednesday, June 28th
Play With Mermaids — Wednesday, July 5th
Heal Your Home — Wednesday, July 12th

Meets 3-Wed. evenings, 7-9 pm | $75 for all three or $30 per class

Taught by various staff members

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Special Summer Workshops: Psychic Explorations

OFFERED: Special workshops, Meets 3 Wed. evenings, 7-9 pm, $75 for all three or $30 per class. Taught by Hope Hewetson

  • Meet Your Spirit Guides, Wednesday, June 28th, 7-9pm, $30
  • Play With Mermaids, Wednesday, July 5th, 7-9pm, $30
  • Heal Your Home, Wednesday, July 12th, 7-9pm, $30

COST: $30 each OR $75 for all three

Psychic Explorations:

All 3-April Workshops:

June Workshop – Fun with Elementals: Fairies, Pixies, Nixies and more, open to all
One of the many joys of using your clairvoyance is your ability to communicate with nature spirits.
see how the different kingdoms — mineral, plant and animal — work together. learn to heal elementals that are stressed. Validate your ability to help Mother earth and her many dimensions of occupants!
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June Workshop – Fun with Elementals: Fairies, Pixies, Nixies and more

OFFERED: The second Saturday of each month, topics vary monthly, open to all.

  • Saturday, June 17th, Noon-3:00pm. Taught by Brijanna Carbone.

COST: $45

June Workshop:

FREE Intro Workshop – What Color Is Your Aura, open to all
For more information about what we do, please join us for a free information session – Open to all, in person or over the phone!
Have you ever wondered what colors are inside of your aura? How do you figure out what they mean? If these kinds of questions excite you, then come join us for a free workshop!


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Free Info Workshop – What Color Is Your Aura?

OFFERED: One time only!

  • Tuesday, June 20th, 7-8:30pm. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman

SIGN-UP: Please RSVP to to reserve your space!

July Workshop – Your Power Animal, open to all
Animal spirits can be teachers, guides and friends. Join us to connect with one of your guides — a power animal who already travels with you. You’ll learn how to receive guidance from them in your daily life more easily. This animal spirit may become your new BFF!

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July Workshop – Your Power Animal

OFFERED: The second Saturday of each month, topics vary monthly, open to all.

  • Saturday, July 22nd, Noon-3:00pm. Taught by JoLee Wingerson.

COST: $45

July Workshop:

Special Year-long Class – Business As Your Soul's Journey, open to grads

Join us for this 1-year mastermind of like-minded business owners, as we use our psychic tools, and the power of group intention, to magnify and reflect our gifts and healing potential as lightworkers on this planet. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business’ journey (pre-conception to many years in!), we will work to understand our karma as entrepreneurs and healers to more intentionally bring our knowledge of spirit and divine wisdom into our business (literally or subtly). Tap into vitality from your life’s work,
rather than feeling an underlying depletion. Use your potential as a healer to face your inner-self head on and thrive!

Held at our Lafayette Location: 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette CO 80026

More details on the course can be found via that locations website, by clicking here

To join in June: must be a Clairvoyant or Graduate student!

Also, evening group option begins in September – and the fall session is still open to any level of experience!

Space is limited, reserve your spot soon!

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Special Special Yearlong Mastermind: Business As Your Soul’s Journey

OFFERED: Only two opportunities to join this year:

  • Join Monday June 5th, daytime option 11:30am-1:30pm, 11 months, must be a  Clairvoyant or Graduate student. Taught by Stacia Synnestvedt.
  • Join Monday September 11th, evening  option 6:30-8:30pm, 12-months, fall session is still open to any level of experience. Taught by Stacia Synnestvedt.

COST: $200/month
SIGN UP: Space is limited! join via our Lafayette Center’s Website – more information on the course available there too:

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