We are dedicated to making our courses accessible to everyone who is interested, and are pleased to be able to offer options that allow this – no matter where you might be located!   If you want to take a class that is not listed here as phone class, contact us and we’ll try to make it work for you to participate!

Basic Phone Classes
June Teleclasses for all – Exploring Your Creativity

Wednesdays, 6-7pm Mountain time! Open to ALL: Any level of experience welcome. Learn amazing energy and clairvoyant skills to heal yourself, right from your home! Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

Exploring Your Creativity | June Class

How would you like to express your creativity: through a business, writing a book, painting or building a deck? As a spirit, you are all creativity and joy. Come play with your creative powers! Meets
Wednesdays, June 7, 14, 21, 28, 6-7 p.m. MT, $100.

Registration Info! JUNE Teleclass, Exploring Your Creativity


OFFERED: Wednesday evenings, 2 – 4-week sessions, topics change monthly.

  • June class meets  4-Wednesdays, June 7, 14, 21, 28 | 6-7pm Mountain Time. Taught by Rachel Mudd.

COST: $100
SIGN UP: Registration for the June TELECLASS is available now. Follow these steps:

1. Make your payment and then you will receive directions via email how to register for your call-in numbers:

June Teleclass for All:

July Teleclasses for all – Career Update

Wednesdays, 6-7pm Mountain time! Open to ALL: Any level of experience welcome.

July Teleclass:  Career Update
What does having a career mean for you? Whether you love your career or are looking to align your soul more fully with the work you do, come create the space to navigate the ever-changing world of your career. Meets Wednesdays, July 5, 12, 19, 26; 6-7 p m MT, $100

Registration Info! May Teleclass, Career Update


OFFERED: Wednesday evenings via phone:

  • July class meets 4-Wednesdays, July, 5, 12, 19, 26. 6-7pm MT, 6-7pm MT, $100
    6-7 Mountain Time. Taught by Rachel Mudd


Registration for July TELECLASS is available now. Follow these steps:
1. Make your payment and then you will receive directions via email how to register for your call-in numbers:

Teleclass for All:

How To Heal Yourself Phone Class
Take this liberating course from wherever you are! Use simple tools to bring your life together. Learn to manage relationship, job, family, and future and take charge of your own life. Using these tools, you will be on the path of developing your psychic abilities and recognizing your own energies. Your intuitive awareness becomes an integral part of your daily experience. In this class you will learn tools and meditations to:

  • Release unwanted energies
  • Replenish your own energy
  • Attract what you want into your life
  • Develop your intuitive awareness
  • Integrate spiritual awareness in your daily life
  • Heal yourself and others

This class is a prerequisite for the Clairvoyant Program.

Registration Info! How To Heal Yourself, Teleclass ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: One time per year, 4-weeks.

  • Next session offered TBA, 4-weeks, 6-7pm. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

COST: $100
SIGN UP: How To Heal Yourself, Teleclass

Monday Clairvoyant Phone Class – Starts January 2017!
Learn to read auras, past lives and more on the phone. Fun and convenient! When you are done, continue on with our phone graduate classes if you choose! Long distance charges will apply. Prerequisite: How To Heal Yourself (also available as an mp3 download).
Registration Info! Clairvoyant Phone Class, 6-months ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: Twice per year, new sessions begin every 6 months.

  • Next session: starts Monday, January 9th, 2017, 5:30-6:30pm Mountain Time. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

COST: $100/month – special price this session! SIGN UP: Clairvoyant Phone Class, 6 months

Clairvoyant Phone Training:

Graduate Level Phone Classes
Peeling The Onion, Graduate Training Phone Class
Graduates of Psychic Horizons Center, or any other BPI style clairvoyant training, are invited to join this on-going series of classes. Work with the tools you learned in the clairvoyant program to deepen your awareness and clear energy blocks. There is a series of classes that are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year. You make take any, or all, sections:

  • Back To Basics, 2 weeks
  • Your Own Birth, 4 weeks
  • Kundalini, 6 weeks
  • Male/Female Communication, 6 weeks
  • Astral Travel, 10 weeks
  • Relationships, 4-weeks
  • Your Own Death, 4 weeks
  • Advanced Chakras, 8 weeks

Pre-requisite Clairvoyant Training Program (phone or in-person).

Registration Info! Peeling The Onion, Graduate Training Phone Class ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: Start dates every few weeks, when one multi-week series ends, another topic begins. Register and you will receive instructions to receive a dial-in number and access code! Next sessions:

  • Relationships starts July 10th, 10am-Noon OR 7-9pm, 4-weeksTaught by Lynn Swearingen & Jen White

COST: $150/month PAYMENT: Peeling The Onion Phone Class

Add two weeks payment to for a 2, 6 or 10 week class:

After you have paid please Contact us to sign up for your call-in numbers!

Your Professional Reading Space: Explore and Refresh

Take your professional reading and healing space to a new level of depth and explore what it would be like to create self-growth and abundance doing what you love. This class will look at the energy of:

A professional space; reset it to where you want it. Work with your havingness, communication and follow-up, being of service, imagery of money and more!

Prerequisite: Graduates of clairvoyant program

Registration Info! Refresh Your Professional Space ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: Special phone class offered yearly. Next Sessions:

COST: $150
SIGN UP: Refresh Your Professional Reading Space
(You will be sent phone#/access code registration instructions after you pay)

Professional Reading Space:

Trance Medium Program Phone Class
Learn to navigate your space at white from home! Now that you’ve explored being in the body, explore your out-of-body space and learn what’s happening at white that affects you in the body. You will run white, work with beings, do remote healings, expand your spiritual universe and more! This is a wonderful intro to this program. Deepen into the unconscious realms of what affects you, and have more of your space and seniority. All classes are available on mp3 for an extra fee. Prerequisite: Clairvoyant program
Registration Info! Trance Medium Phone Class ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: New opportunities to join throughout the year. Each session meets, once a month, for a year-long class via phone.  Next Sessions:

  • New session, Year 1, starts Thursday, July 1st, 10-11am. Will meet the first Thursday of the month each month for a year. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

COST: $75/month or pay for the whole year in one payment of $900:

SIGN UP: Trance Medium 12-months Payment:

Trace Medium Full Payment:

Trance Medium One Month Payment:

One-to-One Monthly Phone Series: Living Heaven on Earth
A wonderful opportunity to enhance your 1-1 training. Focus on bringing your one-to-one tools into your daily life. Each month a specific topic will provide a deep level of focus and healing. For current one-to-one students and graduates only.
Registration Info! One-to-One Monthly Phone Class ____________________________________________________ OFFERED: The 2nd Saturday of every month. Next sessions and topics:

  • Topic: Health & Wellness of Your Body, Saturday, June 10th, 10-11am Mountain Time. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.
  • Topic: Transmuting Anger, Saturday, July 8th, 10-11am Mountain Time. Taught by Mary Bell Nyman.

COST: $30 SIGN UP: One-To-One Monthly Phone Class