Need a recording of a class? This is the page to get started downloading copies of your classes! Find the class you are enrolled in, and click on the link. You will need a password to access the page, please contact the office if you do not yet have one. To help cover the administrative cost of keeping this large database current, there is a $2.99 charge per class download.

If you need info on how to access your class page contact us via email or call 303-440-7171 and let us know 1. your name, 2. which class you are currently enrolled in. We will send back the info the access the downloads generally within 48 hours, or sooner, during the week.

We keep classes posted online for up to 6 months, if you need something older than that contact us and we can see if we still have it available in our back-ups.

Please only purchase copies of the dates for which you are enrolled and have paid tuition costs for the information, or have made other arrangements with us.

Beginning/Advanced Classes
 Graduate Classes