Psychic Horizons Center offers a safe haven for sensitive souls to develop their own psychic abilities so that they may find the truth and the answers they seek this lifetime.

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Reflections From A Spider

On a recent morning in yoga class  I looked up and saw a tiny spider descending from the ceiling on its strand of web. As it came closer and closer to me I considered moving it as I  was going to be rolling onto my stomach and didn’t want it landing on my back! Fortunately, [...]

Being Peace Amidst Change

Here comes fall, and with it change, as we reap the last vegetables and allow the old growth to die away. Is the same thing happening in your life? What is dying away and changing in you? It could be physical parts of you— joints or hair, or just changes in what kind of food [...]

Healing Tips

Healing Tip: Inner peace, made easy!

Drink in the beauty of the day. Let it fill the empty spots inside, so that you carry peace with you everywhere you go. After a while it becomes a habit, and you realize you are creating heaven on earth.

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