Psychic Horizons Center offers a safe haven for sensitive souls to develop their own psychic abilities so that they may find the truth and the answers they seek this lifetime.

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Small Things Done In Love

I love this quote from the book ‘God Laughs and Plays’ by David James Duncan: “When small things are done with love, it’s not a flawed you or me who does them: it’s love. I have no faith in any political party, left, right or centrist. I have boundless faith in love. In keeping with […]

Shine Your Light!

How many times in your life have you wondered if you were enough? We look around and can always find someone smarter, faster, thinner, taller, more athletic, more talented, a better reader, an awesome healer, and the list goes on and on. Celebrate it— for we are all connected and are never, ever apart. At […]

Healing Tips

Healing Tip: Clear Your Relationship Space

Energy work is so fun and easy. It works with your intention. Close your eyes and imagine a bubble out in front of you, and let it represent your relationship space. It could be your relationship space in general, as in how you relate to all, or perhaps there is a specific relationship you would […]

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